Welcome to the Graphene theme demo site

Welcome to the demonstration site for the Graphene theme for WordPress.

This site has been configured to showcase the key features and functionalities of the Graphene theme. Everything that you see on this site is achieved using the latest version of WordPress and the Graphene theme. No modifications whatsoever has been made to the theme’s files, and no child theme is being used. This is to present to you a glimpse of what you can achieve for your own site using the Graphene theme.

So take a look around, nudge it here and there, and satisfy yourself to your heart’s desire. If you’re looking for support for the theme, please find the details on the Help and Support page.

Admin Testdrive

You can also login to the WordPress Administration area to see the available theme options and even make a few changes. Just be aware that there might be multiple visitors trying out the settings, so the changes you made may only be temporary, or even instantaneously changed.

Here are the username and password to access the admin area:

Username: testuser
Password: graphene

Go to WP Admin

Permanent link to this article: https://demo.graphene-theme.com/graphene-hooks-map/


View a brief history of the theme’s development, as well as FAQs, changelog, and licence information.

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Features and Functionalities

View demonstrations and explanation on the many features and functionalities that come with the theme.

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Layout and formatting

Preview the layout and formatting styles, from the overall view down to every single HTML element.

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Help and support

Learn how and where to receive support for the Graphene theme.

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