Beautiful experience, engaging functions.™

Perfect for Business

Create a professional, beautiful website that works seamlessly across all devices. Franz Josef was designed to cater to both corporate and individual users.

Clean, Modern Code

Franz Josef was built from the ground up using the solid Bootstrap framework. It leverages on the latest web technologies for clean and efficient codes.

Completely Customizable

Designed with the end user in mind, Franz Josef is developed so that almost every aspect of the theme is customizable, making your site truly unique.

Beautiful Experience

Elegant design, razor-sharp text, and crisp images no matter the screen size or pixel density. Great readability and beautiful experience, every single time.

Modular Components

Install only what you need - our modular addons allow you to add only the features that you need. Less code bloat, more efficiency - wins for everyone.

Quick Deployment

Drag & drop custom page builder and smart algorithm lets you build complex, feature-rich websites in a matter of hours. Less time setting up, more time to be creative.

Elegant Design

Achieve virtually any look and layout from within the one and only Franz Josef theme. The Stacks addon allows you to easily and quickly create multiple, completely unique designs with just the clicks of a mouse. There are currently 12 Stacks to choose from (with more in development).

"The behaviour you're seeing is the behaviour you've designed for."

Joshua Porter

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You can have the same call-to-action anywhere on your website too.

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Premium Features

Impress your visitors with the stunning looks, then keep them engaged with the premium features of Franz Josef.

Adapts to every device

Never worry about how your website will look like on the iPhone and the iPad – it’ll simply be gorgeous.

In good company

Show off your unlocked achievements and awards, or show that you’re in good company with your affiliations using Franz Josef’s Mentions Bar.

Solid framework, highly extensible

Franz Josef is built on Bootstrap, the solid mobile-first framework that took the world by storms.

Razor-sharp clarity, clear readability

If content is King, then the presentation of that content must be the Queen. Vector icons and effective typography ensures effective content delivery.

Translation & RTL-ready

No matter what language your audience speaks, Franz Josef ensures that you can translate every text in the theme into any number of languages.

Franz Josef leverages the latest web technologies to bring you a solid platform and framework to build your website.