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Native plugins support

It is impossible to test the compatibility of each and every plugin available out there with theme. That being said, the theme uses standard WordPress hooks and functions as well as elements naming convention, so most of the plugins available out there should be compatible with the theme. Give it a try, and if you find any problem, head on to the Support Forum to report it.

Sometimes, some plugins require you to add a chunk of code into the theme for it to be displayed. The theme’s long list of action hooks would enable you to add those codes into the theme without actually modifying the theme’s codes itself, by using a child theme.

Unfortunately, not everybody is comfortable with PHP and the WordPress action and filter hooks, so the more popular plugins that require an addition of codes into the theme has been natively supported. The plugins listed below is supported out-of-the-box, requiring no tinkering with the theme’s codes itself on your part. Just install the plugin and activate it.

That’s a very short list, you say? You can request more native out-of-the-box plugin support in the Support Forum.

You can see more details on the natively-supported plugins and how they are integrated into the theme by following the links below.

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Just like WP-PageNavi, the WP-CommentNavi plugin adds advanced pagination for paginated comments. The Graphene theme natively supports WP-CommentNavi, so all you have to do is install the plugin and activate it. The plugin will then work right away using its default configurations, but you can configure the settings yourself.


WP-Email plugin allows your site’s visitors to recommend or send your posts and pages to friends via email. The styling of the default HTML output by the plugin has been styled to follow the theme’s styling, so the send email form that your visitors will see will not look out of place.


WP-PageNavi adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site. It also allows for easy customisation of how the paging navigation is displayed on your site. The Graphene theme natively supports WP-PageNavi, so all you have to do is install the plugin and activate it. The plugin will then work right away using its …