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Create a professional, beautiful website that works seamlessly across all devices. Graphene was designed to cater to both corporate and individual users.

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Graphene had been re-engineered using the solid Bootstrap framework. It leverages on the latest web technologies for clean and efficient codes.

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Designed with the end user in mind, Graphene is developed so that almost every aspect of the theme is customizable, making your site truly unique.

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Elegant design, razor-sharp text, and crisp images no matter the screen size or pixel density. Great readability and beautiful experience, every single time.

Instant loading time

Accelerated Mobile Pages is built right into Graphene Plus, making your posts and pages load instantly on mobile devices. This results in more visitors, customers, and ads revenue from your website.

Quick deployment

Drag & drop custom page builder and smart algorithm lets you build complex, feature-rich websites in a matter of hours. Less time setting up, more time to be creative.

Elegant design

Achieve virtually any look and layout with Graphene. Graphene Plus allows you to easily and quickly create multiple, completely unique designs with just the clicks of a mouse.


Understanding Saffron the Spice

Saffron the spice is the most unique and expensive spice in the world that is nothing but dried stigmas of saffron flower. The scientific name of the saffron flower is Sativus crocus, which is very rare in the world. It takes huge labor to extract even a small amount of saffron from the flower like …

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Cheeseburger Sliders – Super Easy!

I love cheeseburgers! It’s one of my all time favorite foods and I am always in search of the best burger joints. Lately “gourmet burgers seem to be all the rage. Lots of new burger joints are popping up around the country each one with their own specialty burger like Cajun Burgers, Hawaiian Burgers, Avocado …

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